It’s Not About Me, Either …

Gay MarriageMuch is being shared these days on all aspects of the recent SCOTUS decision regarding the ability of two Americans to legally commit to each other.  

I have commented elsewhere multiple times on my personal position on all this, but you can probably guess where I am from either the above description of what just happened or my post from yesterday.

As I continue to absorb what seems an unending flow of comments, I am finding that I gloss over both the erudite analysis of constitutional law and theological discussions.  

I tend to move quickly past contributions that display hatred for those who seem different to the writer or predict doom for our society, country, and world.  

I have little time for those who only make fun, especially humor which garners laughter from one corner at the cost of those in another.

However, I do tend to linger on those observations which attempt to convey an individual’s reactions and perceptions from their distinct and human vantage point … after all, that is how we all have to address such issues.

I believe that this post from my friend, Paula, deserve a wider audience.  It is deeply personal, compassionate, and underscores a truth about this discussion.

Click the link below to read:


A short read, but one which speaks to how each of us travels a unique journey to our understandings in life.  Whether we support or decry movement toward legal and societal equality , it’s mostly not about us, even when we think it is or ought to be.  

If you like her post, I recommend that you subscribe to Paula’s blog, so you can continue to enjoy thoughtful and well-stated observations about our human condition.

Wishing social media had a “Love” button in the Heartland.



2 thoughts on “It’s Not About Me, Either …

  1. John,, I am deeply grateful for your words here (and for you sharing this post). It is easy to throw around the phrase “people come into our lives for a reason” (and I personally prefer when Kristin Chenoweth does it via the song ‘For Good’) but it is certainly true.


    • THanks, Paula … I’m more of an Idina Menzel type of guy (or as John Travolta calls her, “Adele Dazeem”:), but I know exactly what you are saying, Paula. I thoroughly enjoy your ethical attitudes and thoughtful analysis of life and all that.



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