The War Is Here …

Merry Christmas

For years, I have heard my conservative Christian friends rant about the supposed “War on Christmas“, which by default became part of a larger “War on Christianity“.  

Their proof seemed rather thin to me, consisting mostly of some people in some stores saying something seasonal other than “Merry Christmas” to them and actions by schools, organizations, companies, and public spaces to reflect and respect the reality and the diversity of American society, rather than some half-imagined and more idealized version.

I did not believe that any war was being waged on Christians in this country.

I was dead wrong …

Burnt Church - NPR segmentAs I read the unfolding stories of Black churches being burnt in the South recently, after the horror of the Imanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church shootings, I finally realized that a war against Christianity is indeed real.

Looking to the more conservative pulpits in order to apologize for having doubted them, I found that they were apparently not all that disturbed about this physical evidence of violent actions against Christians.  No, they were pretty much focused on another apparent threat to Christianity … or at least to their particular theology, than people shot to death while studying the Bible or a string of burning churches in what appears as a series of hate crimes based on race.

The apparently greater and more important threat:  

That two people who love each other and want to formally commit to each other and to their relationship for the long haul, maybe even within a religious ceremony, are now able to do so.  

Apparently it does not matter than this action involves no coercion or requirement for anyone by anyone else to 1)  get married to anyone else,  2) attend someone else’s marriage ceremony, or 3) preside over a religious ceremony marking the event.  We don’t even have to get anyone a gift …

This seems to me the epitome of democracy … we are each free to do what we choose, as long as we are not hurting another or taking unfair advantage of them.

Neither my religious beliefs or my marriage are threatened in the slightest by someone else’s beliefs or marriage.

Now I believe completely that a war against Christianity is being waged in this country … Just not by those we were told were waging it.  The enemies of compassionate and loving Christianity are in our own house.

Where is the outrage that so easily shows when someone else’s freedom happens to contradict their personal beliefs?  

Where are the demonstrations and strong language from the pulpit decrying real violence being visited on real Christians right here at home?  

Why are the churches not rising as one to condemn race-based hatred?

I just do not get it …

Feeling a mixture of emotions these days in the Heartland ….


Side Note:  I realize this is not my normal post and it includes two of the most taboos subject (so they say) of religion and politics.  So be it.  Recent events call me to share my heartfelt convictions as a Christian who believes in inclusion, interfaith connections, and a strong belief that God does not incite hate of others or need us to fear him to follow his teachings …

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