The Unicorn Post …

Facebook Status - Dancing Rhinos and such

We have probably all seen them …

The Facebook status with TMI about someone you cared enough about to connect with them in a public forum.  An embarrassing glance into the secret life of the person who may, as in the example above, present a dignified image as a thoughtful and successful adult … one who done things of note in our world.

What to make of all this?” we wonder.

Could this be our witness to the first unraveling of a once rational and sane person, who will quickly move from whimsical social media updates to more bizarre actions in the town square?

Are we seeing a desperate plea from someone we know that they do not feel noticed and reaffirmed?

Does this represent a new type of fetish surreptitiously sweeping our society, one involving horned animals and unholy rituals?

… Probably not, I note, to the relief (or disbelief) of skeptics, alarmists, and slightly mentally unhinged folks who love a good scandal.

It’s called “Playfulness” …

Playfulness is somewhat of a lost art in many families, organizations, and groups.  When one deals with Serious Subjects, like making money, saving endangered species, or fighting off threats to my campaign to make everyone agree with me, one sometimes loses one’s sense of play.

Playfulness is a much admired quality in people to whom we are attracted and I am not talking strictly sexually here.   Most of us enjoy a round of playful banter, even when we choose not to take part in that activity.

I am not saying that playing around while the barn burns down is appropriate …

I am saying that I see personal and professional value in being playful with others with whom I have connection, within proper limits and with consideration for others.  It’s fun and strengthens our connection beyond family ties, beyond organizational or business structure, and beyond just being connected.

Besides, it’s just downright FUN to be playful:) …

… and, I cannot shake this mental image of a middle-aged guy dressed up as a Unicorn, twirling around his rustic, but functional kitchen.

Having a great deal of fun today in the Heartland ….



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