“Don’t Know Nothin’ …

monkeyOver at the Lead Change Group blog today, I finally admit what many have long suspected:  “I Don’t Know Nothin’ About This …”

The topic of the moment for that jolly band of leadership thinkers has to do with “Unexplored Territory”, which we all know something about.

Whether you have wandered the planet, sought exciting and exotic adventures, dared to risk all, or just hung out in your home town, we have all lived … the scenery and the details are unique to each person, but everyday life is a mystery until we actually experience each day, each hour, and each minute as it comes to us.

To live out our lives each day means we all encounter and traverse unexplored territory as long as we inhabit our earthly bodies.

As a wise character once said “To live … to live would be an awfully big adventure!(Peter Banning/Peter Pan in Hook)

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Having an awfully good adventure in the Heartland ….