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Leadership is about being out in front, whether with the creation and communication of visionary ideas or actions which support, include, and lift up others.   One of the many ways in which true leadership shows up is in giving … from those who have to those who need.

Once a year, my little slice of the Heartland makes a special effort to encourage leadership through giving to those local groups and services which make a positive difference in people’s lives.  We devote 24 hours to lifting up good causes and serious needs in order to focus attention and financial support where it is needed most.

I am happy to support this effort and have a few suggestions for how you can also contribute what you can to help others.  We welcome your support through sharing this message and contributing to whatever causes stir your heart.   We happily accept donations to local causes from anywhere in the known universe.

To learn more about Give St. Louis, click on the image above.

Greater St. Louis Community FoundationThe Greater St. Louis Community Foundation serves as a clearinghouse and central point for community efforts.  You will find many opportunities for giving here, including specialized programs for Ferguson and other unique situations. 


Over 700 micro, small, and large organizations are participating today in the St. Louis area.  Visit the Give St. Louis website to learn more.  Some special groups which are near and dear to my heart are listed below with links and a brief description, but would appreciate your support of any or all.   

Clicking on the logo below takes you to the website for the organization and clicking on the “Donate Now” button takes you directly to the donation page for that organization for Give STL Day.   You can also find out how much is being given to which organizations on a minute-to-minute basis.

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Just the finest public radio station in the country, methinks, with programming which combines global viewpoints, national issues, and local concerns.

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Working tirelessly in the political and public arenas on behalf of basic civil rights for ALL Missouri citizens by supporting legislation and policies which eliminate overt and covert discrimination based on gender and sexual preference.


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Room at the Inn provides shelter, support, education, and love to homeless people and families through a network of caring faith communities, including Webster Groves Christian Church, my home congregation … and yes, I volunteer when I can for this important ministry.


Webster UniversityDonate Now button - St. Louis Public Radio

Excellent education at undergraduate and graduate levels by an institution of higher learning which is making a global impact, says this proud alumni (MA Leadership & Management, 2004)


As we all know, the needs go on every day of the year and your support is important, whether you give now or later.  Thanks for reading, sharing if you are so moved, and donating if you can.

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