Words Matter – Another Powerful Reason Why

Lucy and Stephen Hawking… when someone with your public profile tells others that it’s okay to mock people with disabilities, you cause enormous damage.”

Lucy Hawking responding to Katie Hopkins


Let’s turn the podium over today for a quick lesson in how to effectively express your view on an issue.

I do not know Katie Hopkins and have no idea what she might have said to provoke this response, but I sense the strength of Lucy Hawking’s reaction to her words.

Lucy’s response is forceful, passionate, humane, and polite.  Click the link below to read her letter:

Dear Katie Hopkins:  Stop Making LIfe Harder for Disabled People

Everyone else, including me, needs to read Lucy’s letter, reflect on how she talks about something very important in measured, yet powerful terms, and consider how we might communicate more like this impressive woman.

Going back to communication school and learning more in the Heartland ….