When Personal Issues Come To Work

Small companies often experience this, and have fewer resources to deal with conflict in the workplace …

Practical Practice Management

Arguments Between Coworkers

When you work for a small company, in a small building it can be difficult not to become too personal with your coworkers.

Maintaining good relationships with those you work with is essential in creating a great work environment, but there is that fine line of where sharing too much personal information may end up causing problems.

Can you have good relationships at work without sharing too much?  Keeping your work life fun, simple and create personal boundaries that you do not cross?

This is possible; you can share a lot about your life, like hobbies, family and friends without going into too much detail.

Learn to leave any serious personal issues at home and not burden your coworkers with them. If someone asks if something at home is not going well, thank him or her for caring and state you would rather not bring it to work with you.

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