Up The Hill We Go …


Not sure this needs much additional comment to clarify the point …

If you are one who feels that competitiveness is how you succeed in life, good luck to you, but I choose a different path.  One that includes helping others achieve their goals.  

This probably has something to do with whether you view the world as one of abundance or of limited resources.  

Caveats:  I am NOT talking about the prosperity gospel perspective and I most assuredly understand the importance of considering how we need to use our planetary resources better.  

I AM talking about people in relation to other people.  I would rather share my food with another than be well-fed while they starve.  I would rather share my coat or blanket with them than be warm while they are cold.  I would rather see them as fellow travelers through life who may look, talk, and act differently, but share the same human feelings and needs.

If this resonates with you, I am preaching to the choir.  The only additional questions relate to how you live out these ideas of sharing and connection in your daily lives.  So …

How you doing with that helping thing?

How are you influencing others to share?

What could you do more or better?

Helping out as much as I can in the Heartland ….


Quote Source:  Danged if I can find an original source, but this gets published in a lot of newsletters.

Image Source:  Morguefile.com


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  1. Powerful message John. This speaks so much to the kindness we do for others. Too often people are overlooked and ultimately left behind. But a simple deed of kindness is all that will make the difference.

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