Dancing In The Aisles …

Dance 1Dance first. Think later. It’s the natural order.

Samuel Beckett


We all start our lives knowing this simple rule of living … little children dance with abandon and style, literally moving to their own music.

We don’t even have to learn this rule … it comes naturally at a very early age.

What happens as we get older?

We get cautious …

We get self-conscientious …

We get a little creaky …

We forget that dancing comes before thinking.  When you move, your body feels looser and your brain engages in a different way.  You are more prepared to think effectively.  Exercise is recommended daily for this very reason.   Healthy body, healthy mind …

Do not spend time reflecting on this one.  Just get up and move to the rhythm for a while, now, wherever you are, even if you are the only one who can hear the music and are the only one dancing.

Others may not join in, but they probably secretly want to.

If you do this without regret or concern, I can promise that your day will not be the “same old, same old“:).

Cutting a rug and not really caring who sees it in the Heartland ….


That great Image is from Morguefile.com.