What Was I Saying? …

Focus“The surest way to remember something is to try to forget it.”

via Anonymous, who sure has a lot to say about things

Interesting, isn’t it? … We want to forget something, so we try very hard to not think about it.

This, of course, results in us focusing on the thing we want to forget even more than we probably were before.

Focus creates learning and our brains record what we focus on.

So, following this logic, the only real way to forget something is to not think about it.  Try that and see how it works:).  Personally, I’ve always found trying not to think about something to be a sure-fire way to think about it.

The very act of trying not to think about a thing makes us think about it.

Some better options:

1)  Deal with whatever you would rather forget – take away its power to engage you.

2)  Get real busy doing something you love.  Distraction is a sure path to forgetting.

3)  Learn to live with memories … they are not real, just thoughts.

For a more in-depth and probably more valid discussion of remembering and forgetting, check this link:  Eight Ways to Remember Anything

In the meanwhile, I’ll be trying to forget something (what it is slips my mind at the moment) in the Heartland …