Sharing Three Things About Sharing Things …

SharingSharing  … it’s something I do a lot of on various social media platforms.  

Sharing is sort of the lingua franca of our online world.

This morning, as I was reviewing some of my platforms and daily reports, I noticed several nice up-ticks in others noting and  sharing what I have shared, and said aloud, but to myself “Well, that’s nice“.

My wife asked me what was “nice” and I responded “Nothing important” … but, of course, it is.  

My sharing ranges across  areas such as leadership development, social science, and human behavior.  I eagerly glean nuggets from psychology, sociology, learning theory, critical thinking, popular culture, religion, politics, and social media usage and strategy.  

I enjoy in-depth academic articles, pithy short essays, and images, both photographic and cartoony.  I am addicted to aphorisms, sayings, and quotations.  I share images, charts, articles, blog posts, and whatever else captures my attention and makes me think “Well, this is interesting …”.

I always get a little “feel-good” tingle, when I see that someone else has found enough value in what I share, whether my own thoughts or those of others.  One can become addicted to that feeling.

Here are three solid reasons off the top of my head about why I share ….

Sharing Cake1)  I HELP OTHERS …

When I post something, I am usually trying to do one of two things:  1)  Share something I believe is potentially useful for the other person, or  2) Share myself through being open about my attitudes, positions, beliefs, and values.  

If someone else finds value in what I share, I win.  If someone else understands me more fully because they see what I see as positive or negative, I win.

I am trying to be more intentional about including a brief statement with my sharing to clarify why I believe this specific link, story, or image is of value to others.


As an information junkie and self-avowed life-long learner, I find that the act of sharing information tends to reinforce several things for me:  1)  the content I am sharing, 2)  the source of that content, and 3)  the possible value, because I do not share something unless I have determined that it has value for me.  

The second step is to decide whether what I share may be helpful to others. In doing this, I grow in my ability to critically evaluate things.   

I do not always share things I find acceptable or in agreement with my views or approach … sometimes I share things that reflect attitudes, beliefs, and values opposite to those I hold.   If we only pay attention to what reinforces our beliefs, we do not learn or grow.


When I share something, especially if it is something I truly value, others often respond.   I am constantly excited and sometimes pleasantly surprised that something I shared has touched another, either professionally or personally.

We are designed to connect with one another.  Social media and, the sharing that infuses is simply one of the ways in which we share ourselves with each other.

Yes, face to face is the ultimate connection, but we live in a very large world and some of my strongest connections are virtual.    While I may never breathe the same air or stand on the same ground as another, I can still look for points of commonality with that person.

Connection is not an “either/or” issue, but an issue where multiple channels exist to enhance our relationships and connections with others.  So …

What do you share with others?

Why do you share with others?

How do you share with others?

Feeling pretty OK about sharing my thoughts with you all in the Heartland ….


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