Demanding Attention …

Apple for TeacherThe Story:

Walking into a noisy classroom, the teacher slapped her hand on the desk loudly and ordered sharply, I demand pandemonium!”.  The class quieted down immediately.

You see, it isn’t what you demand,” explained the teacher, “so much as it is the way in which you demand it.

Source:  Multiple humor sites online

The Points:

1)  How we say something can be more important than what we are saying.

2) Actions emphasize our messages.

3)  Students today are no better at knowing the real meaning of a word than in past times.

In your role as a leader, facilitator of learning, or a colleague, how has word use affected your ability to collaborate and communicate?

What have you done to change this?

Just a few things to think about over this spring weekend in the Heartland ….