More Is Not Always Better

A small, but important lesson through the story of a fish named Mr. Bubbles …

Practical Practice Management


Occasionally our office likes to do fun themes to surprise our patients.  About six years ago our office decided to do an underwater theme.  We decorated the office with lots of fish, seagulls flying from the ceiling and many other sea creatures mounted on our walls and ceiling.  We had scrub tops that were filled with pretty fish and sea urchins.

We had cloth that was like water on the floorboards and beautiful sea shells.  It really was an amazing sight and many of our patients would go home and bring their family members back to see our creativity.

For fun we purchased a 10 cent feeder goldfish and had a contest to name him.  The winning name was, Mr. Bubbles.  We had Mr. Bubbles for almost six years.  He became our office mascot and when he recently passed we felt genuine sadness.  He brought smiles to many of our patient’s…

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