“It’s Not Easy Being Green …”

St. Patrick's Day

Warning:  Not an ” Éirinn go Brách ” St. Patrick’s Day message:

Well, it’s here again … one of my least favorite holidays of the year.  

Do not misunderstand … I love to see little kids dressed up in green.  I have a deep appreciation for the heritage and history of the Emerald Isle.  Its many fine sons and daughters have brought and continue to bring to our planet admirable attributes and beautiful music, whether traditional in nature or the more recent offerings.  

I even enjoy the occasional dish of corned beef and cabbage washed down by one or two green-dyed beers, which I would gladly pass by on any other day of the year.

I respect and learn from Irish wisdom, as exemplified by this fine traditional advice:

             As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.

Source: Irish Central

What bugs me is what I see as lack of understanding or even motivation on the part of some to find out what we are all celebrating on what is sometimes called the “most global national holiday“.

Especially in the United States, we seem to have co-opted a historical and cultural celebration for yet another excuse to “party until we puke green“, as an acquaintance once said.  This is not celebrating, but rather rationalization of our desire to drink to excess with the guise of a social sanction.

The addictions therapist in me comes out on days like today, because these are days when people with serious problems receive reinforcement for their mistaken belief that they do not really have those problems.

St. PatrickIt also concerns me that a celebration of religious events appears to have lost much of its religious flavor over the years.  The name “St. Patrick” ought to remind us that this person is famous because of his actions around preaching and evangelism.  Nothing in the history books about green hair, green noses, or green beer.

I think when we lose sight of the core meaning and reason for an activity, that we trivialize that activity, whether we truly mean to do so.

However, so as not to come across as just another old grump, railing against ignorance and overindulgence, here’s one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day jokes:

Never iron a four-leaf clover. You don’t want to press your luck.
Source: Irish Central

Enjoy this day with learning and self-restraint in the increasingly green Heartland ….



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