“Next Best?” Nope, Just As Good …

Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel poster.I rarely disagree with a blessed word that the Omnivorouscinephile writes about a film.  He is simply an astute and thoughtful perceiver of the cinema and I look forward to every new review.

I awaited this one especially eagerly, so am sad to report that David did not think the “Second” outing for the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was every bit as good as the original, which we both agree was very, very good.

Of course, he is completely off base here.  The “Second” is the equal of the first and only deepens my affection for this mostly gracefully aging group and their hosts.  Watching this film or the first one is like revisiting 

Now if he had noted the somewhat “speedy” development of a relationship between Sonny’s mother and one of the new guests, I might have been more willing to give him a perfect score.  Love both Lilleth Dubey and Richard Gere, but they needed to put the brakes on their canoodling a tad … otherwise this film is a real gem.

Here is the Omnivorouscinephile’s latest review of our favorite Indian hostelry  … and with the exception of that one slight misunderestimation, as usual, he is right on: 

“Next Best?” says Omnivorouscinephile:  https://omnivorouscinephile.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/next-best/ 

Reminiscing about my latest trip to the cinema in the Heartland ….