Guest Post: “Talent Due Diligence” with Dr. Stacy Feiner

promo_03A real treat today … here’s an excerpt from Talent Mindset:  The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength by Dr. Stacy Feiner, which launches this week.  Dr. Feiner aims at those who own, manage, and work in organizations below the “Mega” level, an underserved market in my opinion

But don’t just take my word for it:

“If your organization lacks a viable talent pipeline, it’s simply not equipped to compete in today’s economy. Feiner gives you an entire platform that will change the way you assess your talent inventory, determine what’s missing, and fill those spaces with top performers.”

~ Marshall Goldsmith, Bestselling author of “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There”

Now, here’s a few choice thoughts from Stacy::

Talent Due Diligence
You know that talent acquisition is critical to your company’s success and sustainability. Business growth is dependent on positioning people into roles where they will succeed. Right talent, Right role. Going beyond that, you want the people you hire to exceed the expectations you set for them.

For example, talent you hire to fulfill a vice president of operations position should seek to surpass the job description required of that role. This should show up in the Performance Management phase, so he or she can be mobilized for succession planning, with the intention of building your organization’s bench strength.

Ultimately, talent acquisition is three-pronged (Recruiting, Selection, Onboarding), beginning with Recruiting, which is to fill a pool of qualified candidates and screen them with unexpected and authentic exercises or surveys. In the Talent Mindset chapter on Recruiting, I illustrate how a fresh approach to recruiting will attract a stronger, more qualified pool of talent.

But once you have that pool, then what? How do you dig deeper and unearth authentic responses of an engaged set of individuals who could be your next high performer? How do you make an informed hiring decision?

The Selection process is your due diligence. Selection involves all of the touch points:

• Initial screening and in-depth, structured interviews to gain insight into a person’s business acumen

• Deep-dive interviews, during which conversations focus on leadership, problem solving, self-confidence and emotional intelligence

• Selection tools that assess a candidate’s personality and preferences, while gauging aptitude and potential

The Selection phase is a series of touch points that progress from Preliminary to Scripted to Interactive. Each one of these touch points helps you to know and understand the candidate, and helps the candidate to know and understand you, the position and the company.

Selection is critical to a company’s ability to grow and prosper. It’s an intense, important process of gathering intelligence before you make the serious investment in a person. Selection is tied to the financial success of a company because we need people who elevate our organization, who help grow it. People power your businesses, from both a financial and organizational perspective.

This is an excerpt from Talent Mindset (available on Amazon), and what you just read is merely the tip of the iceberg. I would love for you to visit me at or connect on Twitter @stacyfeiner so that we can continue this conversation.

John again: Here’s a link to my own review of Stacy’s new book:  “Three Troubles With Talent Mindset ...”


promo_01Dr. Stacy Feiner is an executive coach for the middle market. Stacy brings psychological strategies to business owners helping them improve their performance, advance their organizations, and achieve the success they want and deserve.

Stacy addresses complex dynamics within owner-operated companies, family businesses, management teams and boards. Her methodology solves people problems, clearing the way for driving strategy, growing profitability, and eventually transitioning to the next generation.

Dr. Feiner earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Illinois School for Professional Psychology, MS from Northeastern University, and BA from Hobart & William Smith Colleges. Stacy is a licensed psychologist, executive coach, author and national speaker.