French Prime Minister Speaks …

… and we should all listen.

This is a masterful speech about a country, its history, and why action matters when people’s rights are being violated.    Well delivered, well-paced, and very impactful, in my opinion.

Interestingly, when I first shared this, several people responded with comments around being anti-arabic … as thought you have to choose one group over another.

Hopefully this speech would be the same regarding any group anywhere which suffers discrimination, stereotyping, and prejudice.  Because you support one does not mean you attack another.  The only group which deserves attacking here are those who attempt to hurt other groups.

Listen, watch, and take notes on how to communicate with power and humanity …

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls on the “intolerable rise of anti-Semitism…: via @YouTube


2 thoughts on “French Prime Minister Speaks …

  1. WOW! He deserves a medal. I had no idea that is going on in France. It’s heartbreaking that any people is subjected to anything like that. Sad, sad state of affairs. Thank God for this man who stands up for the Jews in his country.


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