The Tale of Two Cats

Tim Carson tells us a little about cats, a little about people and groups, and a world about why we need to really listen and learn from each other … more wisdom in a little post about Baxter and Mary than most books on social psychology, racism, and culture.


In addition to reading our sacred texts we must also become proficient at reading the text of the world, of our experience. It also has its characters, plot, themes, conflicts and truths. If we have eyes to see or ears to hear, look and listen.

We have two cats that frequent our house. One is our long-time house cat, Baxter, a large, tranquil, secure, affable boy who never met or feared a stranger, whether human or beast. The other is a tiny stray cat whose name, we were told, is Mary. She is obviously the runt of the litter. Her life outside, fending for herself among all manner of threats, has made her hyper-vigilant, bonkers, crazy afraid. It’s how she has survived.

Baxter is happy just being in the same room with you. If he has his food, water and litter box and he gets some attention between naps, he…

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