“You Are Who Your Habits Say You Are” via Jim Durbin

Corrugated Cardboard

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an  act, but a habit.”


Habitsare like corrugated cardboard … the more you do, the stronger your habit.  The message today here and in the excellent link below is:  “Choose Wisely”

” …you can’t count on being saved from yourself.” 

Jim Durbin

Below is a dead-on writing about something many of us wish were not true, but it is.  Jim Durbin lays out the case with wit and a keen eye for what makes us all too human.  Check his thinking out at the link below and see if you don’t agree:

 You Are Who Your Habits Say You Are | Jim Durbin | LinkedIn

Thinking about what I repeatedly do and how that is working out in the Heartland ….


Image:  via Morguefile.com, where interesting and no strings images live.

Personal Aside:  I do not often get to quote Aristotle and my son in the same post.  Feels good:)