“The Courage to Start Over” via Searching Sophia’s Pockets

Fear of LossMore lint from Searching Sophia’s Pockets, this time slightly tear-stained, but as always, powerful statements about the human conditions.


The latest is about the possibility of losing it all and how we deal with that.  Click the title link below to read further:


The blog stream from Sophia’s Pockets contains heart-felt and honest writing about the human condition.  Not the big political pictures or glossy feel-good epithets, but the small-screen view that most of us have of our own trials and tribulations, illustrated by some folks with the ability to write with feeling and the bravery to risk and share.

I commend that you poke around in Sophia’s Pockets when you are in search of the truth.  You will find how others express the truth, and in doing so, move toward your own.

Who knows, someday you might be sharing the lint you have found in those deep and mysterious pockets:)

Enjoying the journey into the dark places in the Heartland ….