MLK Selma to Montgomery Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King lead marchers in Selma

Like many others I recently found myself in a darkened theater reliving a story of fifty years ago, the story of the activism, hatred, sufferings and sacrifices in the heat of one of our nation’s most dramatic transformations. Selma became emblematic of the thorniest racism and discrimination in the land. It was enforced with sheer brutality. Martin Luther King, Jr., and many leaders of the civil rights movement attempted to conduct strategic protests non-violently, something difficult for me to comprehend the older I get. It is no wonder that the name of the city itself, Selma, carries enough freight to serve as the title of the movie without any other word modifying it.

Selma Brutality Police brutality to the peaceful marchers

Of course, the retelling of the story awakens us from any amnesia about segregation and its fruits. We remember that…

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