Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1963 “Letter from Birmingham jail” via Quartz

MLK March WashingtonWith thanks to the folks at Quartz, one of my daily sources of information about our world:

I was in high school during this period of our country’s history and in college as much of the hope died in flashes of gunfire and hate.  

Now, decades later, we find ourselves in much the same place in some ways, but further along in other ways.  I remain hopeful that superficial things like the color of someone’s skin will cease to matter, but I am not blind enough to think that it does not still make a difference.   The evidence that we have a long way to go is overwhelming.

However, we have messages from that time that still inspire us today …

King’s eloquent and heart-felt words written from an Alabama jail cell help us understand about why some people go where they go, regardless of the welcome, to protest laws they consider unjust, regardless of the cost to them.

These words ARE relevant today … right here in River City and across our nation:

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 1963 “Letter from Birmingham jail” remains relevant today – Quartz.

This is leadership in the crucible.  Does anyone write like this anymore?

Feeling quite stirred by words and images dimly remembered from a time long ago, but really just a twinkling of an eye back in time, in the hopefully healing Heartland ….