Time Passes …

Time Wasted











 A gentle reminder, if you have forgotten this essential truth …

Some other things I have learned about time over the years:

Time expands sometimes, but so does work.  Nature abhors a vacuüm, which is why the week you planned to catch up becomes clogged with new and important tasks.

Time does not stop … even when you are gazing into Those Eyes.   Time is a constant flow of the seconds of our lives, and nothing changes this fact.  You will continue to live your life one second at a time, until you run out of seconds.

Time does not treat everyone the same.  Just like most things in life, time favors those who favor it.  Respect and use time wisely and it will be your friend.  Abuse or waste time and you will live in challenging days and nights.

Time is relative, even though we can measure it.  Time passes unequally … some moments last painfully long, while others exhilarate and vanish.  However, you have more control over this than you think. 

If you have some time, let me know what you think about time.  I always make time to listen to the wisdom of others.

Oops … time to go.  No need to thank me … your increased focus and productivity is thanks enough.

Wondering where the time goes in the Heartland ….



2 thoughts on “Time Passes …

  1. Hi, Jane:)

    I think it’s That Time of Year for considering the past in order to go forward and feeling the presence of passing time more keenly. You have nailed the real message here – we cannot go back and regain time, but we have more ahead of us, which we can use more effectively.

    Hope your new year is starting off nicely:)



  2. Must be contagious.My last 2 blogs have had the same undercurrent. Time is a vapor and vanishes away. We can’t get it back. It’s lost forever. But look – there is more time in the future and while we can’t recover what was lost we can go forward and claim the time we are i right now and make it positive, make it productive, and make it awesome.


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