Happy New Year and All That Jazz …

New Year 2015

Here you will find no urgent pleas to set new goals or make new starts.  As I mention elsewhere, this day holds no magic for me.  I am making plans and setting goals, but that is part of my ongoing behavior and does not connect to any earthly calendar.

I will not belabor the year just ended in any way or make predictions about what is to come in the year just starting.  I have my thoughts, but keeping them to myself.  While I value the thoughts of some on what has been and what may come, I find that we often are just guessing.  Nothing wrong with that, but I choose not to take part.

I definitely will not include a “Best of My Posts” list … although I appreciate such lists from others who I pay attention to and respect.  I do not trust analytics and prefer to go with my instincts about my own best work, so would not publish a “Best of …” list, even if I created one.

Here’s what I will do:

I will ask you to simply be kind to all others with whom you share the planet.   Can’t hurt and it just might help.

Feeling good about the new year, even though destined for medical care today, in the Heartland ….




Image:  Morguefile.com