Random Nuances…

Onion“I am always looking for that nuance, that moment of truth, and you can’t really do that fast.”

Our lives are full of nuances … which we do not always recognize … I have lately been made more aware of how many people approach life’s interactions without understanding the complexities represented by my words below.

The workplace, the home, the country, and the world are darker and more cruel places because of this.

Being a police officer is a job.  Being a young person is a life event.
They are not comparable things.

A leader who takes care of their people is popular, while a leader who achieves a vision is revered.   

An extra few seconds can last a lifetime … or the blink of an eye.

A ten-second conversation can create, strengthen, or destroy a relationship.  Choose your words carefully.

The liar looks straight at you, because their intentions are more important than your emotions. The honest person looks away as they speak, because they know the impact their words will have on you.   Both speak not just with their  lips, but also with their eyes.

He who fights for you and yours is a hero.    He who fights for the others is a villain. Their behaviors are judged accordingly.

24 hours to a child is an eternity.  24 hours to an adult is a short time.   24 hours to an older person is a gift.

The one who breaks their gaze after a brief moment is suspected, while the one who holds it too long is feared.

Sometimes an extra dash of seasoning makes all the difference.

Our view of a thing is dependent on our views of everything … our lives, our experiences, our beliefs, our attitudes, our values, our pain.  

Not sure I completely agree with the leading quote … nuance does not equal truth, but it does equal reality.  We all construct our own reality, based on our perceptions of how things are and how they should be.  

Nuance  points out the variations and possibilities.

Wondering why thinking critically is such an elusive goal in the Heartland ….