It’s All About the Boss

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I'm the Boss

Leaders open doors, not force everyone behind one.  Bill Treasurer, author of Leaders Open Doors, says that, Leaders open doors of perception, possibility, and most importantly opportunity

Everyone can’t be locked behind the same door.

Boss vs. Leader

If you’re not privileged enough to work for a great leader, but rather locked behind a door working for a “boss,” you can still put a positive twist on it.  Having been the victim of my share of bosses, I’ve always been able to move on with one important thing . . . lessons learned.

When we think of learning and training, it’s usually associated with a positive twist.

Though it’s a bad experience, realizing the negative attributes of the boss are actually positive learning tools for us.  It’s the experience that’s bad, not the learning outcome.

Taking Time to Learn

We can learn something from every situation that…

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