How My Week Has Gone …

… and if a tooth extraction were not enought, let’s throw in a nasty little cold just to increase the complexity of experience this week.

Hopefully I will return next week with a slightly improved perception of the world.

Truth-In-Advertising:  Unlike the video, my procedure was relatively painless and quick.  I’m just a big baby when it comes to dental work.

However the cold and associated symptoms was just fair unfair.

Aching a bit, coughing a bit, and missing coffee very badly in the Heartland ….




3 thoughts on “How My Week Has Gone …

  1. Sorry about your cold — and the tooth, John. Hope you’re feeling better. Laughed so hard at the video clip. Tim Conway is hilarious.


    • Thanks, Sandy:) – appreciate the warm wishes – slowly but surely healing.

      Yeah, I enjoy just about any clip of the folks from the Carol Burnett show … I particularly enjoy the times when they lose it on camera:).

      I debated whether to show the dentist clip from the Little Shop of Horrors, but decided that is more painful than funny – ditto for the scene from The Marathon Man – Laurence Olivier’s dentist just about killed my interest in going anywhere near a dentist .

      Current dentist is very capable, although I always want to ask him when he is going to graduate from high school when I first see him:)

      Season’s blessings to you and yours …



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