This Holiday: Give Presence

Kanigan does it again …

Live & Learn

Thank you Rachel

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2 thoughts on “This Holiday: Give Presence

  1. True – taking a mindful deep breath is an awesome way to remind ourselves how it’s better to receive than give!

    One step further – I wonder. Each person in this video, how many Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (etc.) followers do they have. While I enjoy a growing list of followers, I’m present enough to know I’m able to offer presence to just a handful of followers. Thus, I follow those I know I have time to follow.


    • Aloha, Soul:)

      Interesting and valid point … the pressure to grow follower lists is hugh in social media. I try to justify my own counts by looking at all this as a continuum. Some folks with whom I connect are just names and numbers, while others have become business partners, personal friends, and so on. I do think that the purpose of the connection makes a difference.

      In what I know of what you do, you are right on to keep the number low, because your effectiveness relies on a deeper relationship than some other situations require.

      I remember research from a few years ago that touted 150 people as the essential size of a viable social community … wonder whether that has been updated of late. I wonder how someone with thousands of followers can manage those relationships … probably one-sided at best.

      I also remember the iron-clad therapist’s rule of no more than 8 to 12 maximum in a group and I suspect the same rule applies in leadership development growth groups and the like. Always wondered how much actual and long-term learning occurs in the mega-gatherings, where folks get all excited and come out way up the motivational scale, only to nosedive fairly quickly when reality crashes back in on them.

      Thanks for the thoughtful commment:)



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