From the Lead Change Group | “What Is Your Change Thesis?”

Time WarpJon Mertz is always worth listening to when he talks about leadership and change, and his recent post for the Lead Change Group provides a good example of why we should all do so.  In this post Jon does three things quite nicely:

1)  . . . clearly describes the “change whiplash” injury that we sometimes inflict on those who work in organizations where change is welcome.

We move from one change initiative to another, never allowing any one direction to really work for us, endlessly changing our focus to the Next Big Thing.  This is seldom productive and usually destructive of energy, motivation, and talent.

2)  . . . provides a clear alternative to the mindless pursuit of change by describing the need for a “Change Thesis”.

I had never thought of simply spelling out the ground rules and direction for change in and of itself.  This is a liberating concept and one I hope gains traction with leaders everywhere.

Jon clearly notes that change is a constant in our lives.  Many have written about the need to manage change from a dizzying array of perspectives, but this is the first I have read where someone identified the need to do a little meta-thinking about change.

3) . . .  specifies the essential elements of the Change Thesis.

Useful and clear ideas about what to include in a good change thesis.  In these short statements are a wealth of solid leadership wisdom and good advice based on real life experience.

It’s one thing to see and state the need for a thing, but it is entirely something else to take the time to explain the core ingredients of an effective design for that thing.

Now if he had just written out a nicely stated change thesis ready for us all to use:) …

Progressive leadership thinking at its best at the link: 

Lead Change Group | What Is Your Change Thesis?

Enjoying some good leadership wisdom in the Heartland ….