There Are No Devils in the Details


It’s funny how some sayings can be so wrong. I hear people say that the “devil is in the details” a lot. The truth is, it’s almost exactly the opposite. What you find in the details is not the devil but success. Success is in the details. When you pay attention to the details they pay you back with success, often great success.

Here’s one of my favorite examples of finding success in the details:

Perhaps the most ?famous? rider in the music industry was the rider attached to Van Halen?s standard performance contract. It is not unusual in the music industry for a particular artist’s rider to be even bigger and more complex than their actual contract. Van Halen’s rider stated that there must be a bowl of M&M?s in the band?s dressing room and that all (as in every single one) of the brown M&M?s must be removed.

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