Learning Old Lessons Again …

Ghost Writer - Wikimedia CommonsI was working with some words this morning …

It’s a weekly task where I take someone else’s thoughts, add a graphic, and make the package suitable for framing, or more correctly sharing online.   Usually the words come from one person.

This week, the words came from a guest poster and I could immediately sense the difference.   The flow was not as smooth, the phrases not as clear, and the overall impact was less.

My first thought:   Well, this is not good.   It’s not as good as usual.  It’s not what I have come to expect.  

My second thought:  Well, this person is learning.  They have not done this as much as the usual word-provider.  This is how they will get better at doing it.

My conclusion:   Sometimes we react from a position of assessment, where we are judging the worth of a thing against the yardstick of excellence, when we should be allowing for growth and learning.

This is a reinforcement that much of life is a process of learning and continual improvement.  I’ll bet even the masters of word and image and thought had a few clunkers and missteps along the way to their greatest accomplishments.

So … I will send a few well-chosen words of positive and critical analysis to help the person do better next time, while I let go of the idea that everything has to be as good as possible every time.

Learning anew an old lesson about learning in the Heartland ….