Curiosity and Learning …


I am combing through an extremely long list right now on Goodreads

The list is of all the authors listed on this site … the list has around 4300 pages.  I am on page 43.  It’s a lot of people who have written books.

If a way exists to filter the authors by genre, I have not yet found it. 

My purpose (and yes, I do have a purpose other than idling await my Saturday morning) is to follow all the authors I have found special value through over the past few years. 

Most of these are folks who have affiliated with Weaving Influence, so are leadership or personal development related, but I also have a healthy selection of people who write in other areas, and whom I know of through other experiences.  

As I tried to categorize the people and titles that are “popping up”, I find myself noting the broad range of topics which my natural inquisitiveness has brought me … and I am pleased.

I see titles in leadership and learning, but I also see spirituality, technology, critical thinking, creative thinking, humor, and even a dash of thoughtful fiction:).

A healthy curiosity, combined with some passion around a mission, seems a strong combination.   While my authors naturally group around some general themes, they are not all of a type and the topics range magnificently from the deeply personal to the global and sweeping. 

Passions, in this sense, are those things we do for which we may or may not be paid, for which we may or may not receive recognion or appreciation, but which we feel we must engage with.

Curiosity is that nagging suspicion that something exists which you do not yet know , but want to learn about a particular thing, which motivates you to exert energy and effort in the finding and understanding of that thing.

With the above two operational definitions in mind …

What are your passions ?

How have your passions informed your curiosity?

How has your curiosity informed your passions?

Wondering just how long I will be scrolling and clicking today in the Heartland ….