The evolution of a TED Book cover

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TEDBooks_DL_PicoIyer_6025_16x9In his talk, “Designing books is no laughing matter. OK, it is,” Chip Kidd (a TED Books designer in his own right) gives a wonderfully concise description of what book cover designers do. He says, “My job is to ask this question: ‘What do stories look like?’”  

For David Shoemaker, the designer who made the cover for the new TED Book The Art of Stillness, this question presented a challenge. Because the story in this book, written by longtime travel writer Pico Iyer, is about the joy that comes from sitting still, quietly, and reflecting on life.

“I tried a lot of ideas at the start—straightforward ones, like a statue, a still-life photo, a canoe on a lake. There were also some deliberately counterintuitive ones—like an antic scribbled circle with vibrating type,” says Shoemaker. “Some were just type-based, since it’s a strong title.”

In all, Shoemaker created…

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