On Leadership and Truth

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I want to work for someone that never tells me the truth,” said no employee…ever”

Leaders are often put in precarious positions when it relates to truth.  They are expected to withhold sensitive information and be authentic, not disclose everything about direction and motivate.  It is dangerous balancing act that often times results a systemic mistrust of leaders and leadership by employees.

A recent study (find study by McKinsey) showed that less than a 33% of employees believed what their employers and leaders were saying.  33%!  Essentially, that means that employees don’t believe 2/3 of what they are told.

Is there really any question why the rumor mill/grapevine/water cooler talk is so powerful?

Given the nature of the social media, any slip of leaking information of a new product or potential merger could mean the difference between a blockbuster new initiative and an idea that is picked apart…

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