“Every Man for Himself”

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“Every Man for Himself” | Great Middle Way.


byTashi Nyima

Nov 10, 2014

homeless_1836463cPerhaps as many as 30% of people believe firmly and express openly that the poor and destitute are unworthy of compassion; another 30% believe it firmly and express it in private; and another 30% believe it firmly but do not dare express it. Barely 10%, if that many, understand that all beings (actually, just humans for the vast majority of these kind persons) are worthy of compassion.

Of that 10% who have some inkling, not even 5% understand that the source of this worth is not some putative dignity emanating from the collective struggle against our ‘baser selves’, but our perfect nature. Of those who ascribe a perfect nature (to humans, only), at least 95% believe that this nature is not inherent, but rather is a pale reflection of, or an unmerited gift from, an…

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