Hard choices

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“It’s too hard.”

How many times have you heard these words?

Maybe it was you who said them.

Or a spouse, child or co-worker.

Some things are hard.

Living in pain. Financial challenges. Emotional upheavals. Relationship struggles.

Other things are really … not that hard.  It’s just perspective.

My regular readers know I’ve been exercising and eating healthier most of the time. I’m feeling the results.   Clothes are looser, my face is leaner, and my rings spin.  I sleep great. I feel w-e-l-l.

Unlike prior attempts, this is no longer a temporary fix, this must be a lifelong choice for me.

Where the challenges come are when we’re out with friends.  Last night at bowling, for example, someone thoughtfully ordered snacks for the table.  Everything was fried and everything was delicious.  But this morning, I can feel the grease and salt.

Today’s a new day.  And I’m making the hard…

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