Are You A Creative Person?

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Have you ever wondered if you would be considered a “Creative” person?  Maybe you like to create things such as sewing a quilt, painting a picutre or growing a garden, but do not feel that you would be considered a “Creative” person?

The Huffington Post has an excellent article (link below) titled “18 Things Highly Creative People Do.”  I found them very interesting and started thinking about a couple of people that I think are quite creative and realized that they do many of the things listed, such as:

  • Daydream
  • They observe everything
  • They take time for solitude
  • They turn life’s obstacles around
  • They “fail up.” Resilience is a key attribute they display

How creative of a person are you? After reading this article you might be surprised that you may be very creative and just did not realize it.

18 Things Highly Creative People Do

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