About the Gift of Do-Overs …

Count the Days - SartreNow he tells me …

Just so I am clear on this, according to Sartre:

We only get one day at a time.

The day is renewable but time-limited.

Every one of our one day’s is a new day.

Our day starts when we rise and ends when we sleep.

What happens today (our one day) is not bound by what has gone before.

Nothing can bring back the day just past or hurry the day to come.

Only one day … one single day at a time, but each one brand new. 

Well, then, hadn’t we better get crackin’? . . .

This all reminds me of another fairly useful quotation by my favorite Republican:

“Whatever you are, be a good one.”

Abraham Lincoln

Intending to fully use my one and only day I have in the Heartland ….