Voter Lookup – A PSA from The Strategic Learner

ZombiesI don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, Constitutionalist, Tea Partier, or Zombie Separatist Faction member …


I do care that you vote from an informed viewpoint … looking not just at information that reinforces your beliefs, but also at what those in opposition are saying and learning more about what is being decided.   

I do care that your goal with regard to candidates and issues is to make an intelligent decision, and not a knee-jerk or partisan decision … yes, even the boring or real complex issues.

I do care that you make the effort to actually stop by your polling place and cast your vote … all the cussing and discussing in the world is outweighed by one cast ballot.

In case you need a refresher, enter your address below and learn more about your elections:


I have my preferences and hopes for the outcome of these mid-term elections, but will keep to myself.  If you want to know them, I share more freely on Facebook.

Whichever boxes you will check, just do it … voting is the most precious freedom we have … don’t blow it off because the people and issues are not “sexy”.  They are still important, more than you may realize … unless you do all that researching and reflecting noted above.

Getting ready to pull the lever and punch that chad in the Heartland ….