Xnay to the Reach Out

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It started earlier this year and peaked in summer.

A saying had crept into emails, conversations and conference calls.  Crept in like some kind of invasive species being harbored by the innocent.

“I’ll reach out.”  “We reached out.” “Let’s reach out.”

One crazily busy day I took notes and counted 20 occurrences … before noon.  I shuddered … we were in deep.

Conference calls were especially prone to it. Example

Call Leader Q: “What’s the status on X?

Someone, anyone A: “We’ve reached out to (any name/any department) but there’s no update available at this time.”

Call Leader Q: “What are your next steps?

Someone, anyone A: “We/I will  reach out again then we’ll reach back to you with an update.”

“Reach out.”

It officially had become the catch phrase for saying you’d done nothing at all.

It was the new cover.

Think about it .. it sounds so gentle…

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3 thoughts on “Xnay to the Reach Out

  1. OMGoodness! A soulmate! I, too, am a little tired of the word reach out. Well OK it’s two words but please spare me. ATT is probably getting royalties on their ‘reach out’ campaign yet today. Thank you for letting me know that there are others who know that in our vacabulary we can find more than ‘reach out’ to describe our need to contact, talk to, communicate, call, welcome, connect, or in any other way express our desire to put our heads together on a shared topic of interest.

    Yeah -I guess ‘reach out’ can do that too. But it was nice to share this creative thought.

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    • Hi, Jane – thanks for commenting. I think we may both just be tired of the incessant need in business to create new phrases when the old ones work perfectly fine:) This article certainly struck a chord with me and apparently, also with you.


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      • I’m a pretty easy going person so most of the time I just leave things alone and don’t say anything. Everyone has an opinion and it’s always a good way to have a conversation when there are plenty of them on the table. I wrote a blog once on my aversion to the word disruptive. I never published it – but I enjoyed the process of getting it off my chest anyway. LOL


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