Musings on This Time of Year …

Autumn 2014

Yes … it is THAT TIME of year again in the Heartland and elsewhere.

What is it about Autumn and the very visible changing of the seasons that tends to inspire us?

Some do not look forward to winter, with its freezing temperatures, absence of green, and “wintry mix” weather forecasts.  

Some regret the last fading traces of shorts n’ tee-shirt weather as the days slowly or sometimes abruptly cool.

Some are oblivious to nature’s changes, spending lives and energy encased in windowless captivity and experiencing the weather in temporary brief flashes, as we run from houses to cars to buildings to planes and back again.

Autumn 2014 4

Some both regret what is past and have concern for the future … as this is regarding the weather, so it may be with life …

Maybe it is because this is the time when change is most obvious.  We often slip from one phase of life to the next, barely noticing the movement until we take time to reflect. 

This is our time to stop, observe, and reflect on what is happening … a curious combination of mindfulness of the present, along with awareness of both what is over and what is yet to occur.

Just don’t miss it completely by remaining submerged in the daily routine, the deadlines and crises, the distracting and the

Stop … Take Some Time … Get Outside …

Breathe in Autumn deeply, with the slight chill in the air and the riot of colors, with the quiet breezes and the stiff winds … experience the variations.

Go by yourself and be by yourself …  be alone with your thoughts.

Layer your clothes and adjust as you need to, because the temperature can vary from every day into every night … keep yourself comfortable.

Let your mind go of whatever you were engaged in and allow your thoughts to wander … you won’t get lost.

Autumn 2014 2Now think about your thoughts …

Consider where your thoughts go and what they reveal to you … this may be the most enjoyable crystal ball you can access.

This is not really just an ode to Autumn, although I truly treasure this time of year.  This is about taking time to reflect and enjoy being in the moment, which we need to regularly do, until it becomes second nature and no longer requires conscious thought.

Tell me how you are enjoying this season…

Remembering that mindfulness and reflection can occur anywhere and any time, especially in the Heartland …