I Already Knew That …

Button and SignatureBill Treasurer was the keynoter at the ATD ST. Louis Conference held yesterday.  He is also the author of a powerful leadership development book: Leaders Open Doors

I already knew the stories …

I knew that Speedos would be discussed, since I know Bill’s diving background , although I was not ready for the video that reminded me of something Bill and I share:  a fear of heights. 

I hoped that he should share the story of how his son inspired the title and direction of his book and he did so.  

I expected to hear about his daughter and how her courage drives him … but I did not expect the reward of a video showing her courage and spirit, which made me mist up just a little.  

Sometimes the smallest among us are the most courageous and insightful.

I already read The Book

I knew that trust would be lifted up as an essential ingredient of positive leadership interactions.  

I knew that Bill would talk about the strongest opportunities and greatest change coming from when we are uncomfortable, as people and as leaders.

I knew that the point would be made and remade that we exist as leaders to help others survive, grow, and thrive.  He never uses the phrase “servant leadership”, but he talks it with every sentence.

Okay, I learned a little something …

I knew Bill was smart and humorous, but I did not know how enjoyable his presentation would be.   I have experienced other best-selling authors, whose delivery in person was … shall we say “restrained”.  Okay, let’s be honest and just say “boring” and on one occasion “stultifying”.

I learned that Bill understands how to create energy through sprightly pacing and interaction with his audience. He makes the time pass without effort and the learning just flows, almost without being noticed. 

What I got from hearing Bill Treasurer speak in person: 

A little blue button that says “Be Courageous”, a nice note on a page in The Book, and an abiding respect for his ability to speak from the heart, engage effectively with others, and bring real value to us.

Possibly the highest compliment I can pay Bill Treasurer is that I took few notes and tweeted only once or twice at the beginning of his presentation.  My usual mode is to busily share on various social media networks while taking copious notes of pearls of wisdom being dropped by a speaker … Bill motivated me to just stop what I was doing, listen to him, and soak it up. 

I believe I got more out of doing exactly that than my normal mode … do I detect a behavior change coming?


If you ever have the opportunity to hear Bill speak, take it in a heartbeat.  Change your schedule, break open the piggy bank, take a sick day if you have to, but do not miss the opportunity to breathe the same air and interact with him.

I guarantee you will not regret it.

Still feeling smug about a morning well spent (even with traffic) in the Heartland ….





Leaders Open DoorsBill Treasurer is chief encouragement officer (CEO) of Giant Leap Consulting and the author of Courage Goes to Work, an international best-seller that introduced the new management practice of courage-building.

For over two decades Treasurer has designed leadership and succession programs for clients such as NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue, UBS Bank, CNN, Hugo Boss, the CDC, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the U.S. Veterans Administration. Prior to Giant Leap, Treasurer was an executive Accenture, a $29 billion management consulting firm. He became Accenture’s first full-time executive coach.

Treasurer is a former captain of the US High Diving Team, a cancer survivor, and the father of three children. He is a champion for the rights of people with disabilities, which includes his daughter.