“Are You Completely Pronoid?”

… Wait.   What? …

Don’t you mean paranoid?  

Nope:) …


Wharton professor Adam Grant has recently given us the term pronoia , which professor Dan Ariely describes as “delusional belief that other people are plotting our well-being or saying nice things about us behind our backs”.

Now this is a psychological diagnosis I can live with …

Grant’s concept has significant implications for business ethics, leadership, and management.  A quick review of current leadership development thinking indicates much support for the idea that reciprocal relationships are more productive and effective than competitive relationships.

His vision of how we might interact with others and what we might value is where we are heading … or least where we should be.

View a VIDEO CLIP of Dr. Grant discussing this idea, including thumbnail descriptions of his three mindsets, Givers, Takers, and Matchers. to get a general idea of what we are talking about.  Then do a quick self-assessment to see which bucket you fall into.

Once you have an idea of what Grant is thinking, read his book Give and Take (link goes to Amazon) to really understand the message.  You cannot fully  understand the raminfications of this concept until you take that deeper dive.

Meanwhile, I will be relishing the fantasy that people are talking nice about me somewhere in the Heartland ….


Image:  Morguefile.com