A Natural Learning Organization


I just finished reading Creativity, Inc., The story of Pixar Animation Studios written by one of its founders and current President Ed Catmull, along with Amy Wallace. Pixar, as a business organization, is a runaway success with top grossing movies beginning with Toy Story and forward with every movie released as a #1 hit.

We know Pixar as a leader in cutting edge computer animation and as dedicated storytellers; high-tech and ancient tech interwoven.  This success though does not just happen and this book provides great insight from one of the founders and ongoing leaders of the enterprise.

Creativity-IncEd Catmull, while an expert in the technology, is primarily focused on creating an environment that allows the people of Pixar to thrive. This shows through his focus, observations, and decision-making.

I recommend you add the book to your reading queue (you do have a reading queue, right). As with any great story there…

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