A Good First Impression


I am reading Creativity Inc, written by Ed Catmull, one of the founders and President at Pixar Animation Studios. I am enjoying the book and will write more about it once I complete the book.

Creativity-IncFor today though, Ed Catmull reminds me of a story from early in  my work career. In the book he remembers his first day walking through the Disney Animation Studio after Disney acquired Pixar. As part of the deal Ed was now the President of Disney Animation in addition to Pixar. Pixar is known for how each employee expresses their individuality with how they decorate their work stations and offices. As Ed walked through the Disney Studio every desk was clean and void of any real expression. These were creative people and Ed knew there was a problem.

I remember. Flash back 25 years ago and a different world. An important visitor was on his way. The…

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