When Nothing is Something


Of all the things I do nothing is what I do best. I don’t get to do nothing very often but when I do I’m as committed to it as anything else I do. I’m a pretty serious nothing doer, it’s one of the most important things I do.

Many people feel that to be successful you always have to be doing something but I think doing nothing is every bit as important as doing something. As a matter of fact, I think doing nothing is doing something very special.

Confused? Let’s see if I can help with that.

A couple of times a year, spring and fall, the call comes. I glance at the phone and see my Dad is calling. I know by the time of year exactly why he is calling. It’s time to either put the dock in or take the dock out. The call has…

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2 thoughts on “When Nothing is Something

    • Jane, doing nothing (not doing) is one of the hardest things I’ve tackled over the years. My entire development has been toward doing, so the idea of letting go and just being is still elusive for me. I’ve been working on this for decades now:)



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