This Is Where I Leave You

This caught my eye, as I literally was getting up to walk out the door to see this film … now I have a new framework within which to view it, thanks to Jane Anderson’s sensitive and thoughtful comments.


Yesterday I noticed a commercial on TV for a new movie. My breath caught when I heard the title, This Is Where I Leave You. Forest road. Landscape.How often over the past few weeks have I thought about the void of an empty room, the hollow feeling trailing a wave, the finality of a closed door.  Have you ever spent time with someone you love, seizing every moment before their journey takes them one direction while yours takes you another? Have you known the words were coming but didn’t want to hear them, “This is where I leave you”?

If you’re breathing, you know the empty feeling of saying good bye, or avoiding the good bye altogether and using the softer, see ya later. I recently talked to a friend whose youngest child went off to college leaving her with nobody to drop off or pick up at school, no sporting events…

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