The Manager and The Moron


Peter Drucker, the legendary management educator and consultant, wrote an article in 1967 where he looked into the future of business and working life. Nearly 50 years ago, he predicted challenges we face even today. Specifically he talks of the place of young workers, computers and information, and the rise of the knowledge worker. Amazing insight.

By the way, the moron is the computer beginning to find its place in business circa 1967. “The computer is a moron. And the stupider the tool, the brighter the master must be.”  I laugh a bit on this insight … not sure how well we are doing here.

The full article is a worthy read. Here is the link to the article at McKinsey & Company.

Some highlights …

“Our ancestors put skills on top of physical labor. And now—a second revolution—we’ve put knowledge on top of both. Not as a substitute for…

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