The Job Skills Gap You Haven’t Considered | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

MorgueFile tabletThis morning’s inbox includes a well-written article via Fast Company, which reinforces something I have noted before about the difference between being familiar with an environment and understanding the strategic realities of that environment.

Digital natives may know how to do something easily and quickly online, but that does not mean they are doing the right thing.  

For some painfully instructive examples, just watch the flow of Facebook posts or Twitter streams from young professionals who ought to know better how to add value. 

Leaders who do not understand this will continue to wonder why they are not getting full value from the social media arena.

This all speaks to two things near and dear to my heart:

1)  The growing awareness in business that older professionals may have much to offer in a strategic sense in our current business environment.  

For example, we may not know how to create and publish a six-second Vine, but we may just understand how to influence customers positively through online interactions.

The tools and environments may change, but the ability to think strategically and create workable actions to execute that strategy tends to stay a constant.

2)  Social media is not just a toy or a way to kill time, and not work or study.  Rather, social media is becoming HOW we work and study.  

Whether you enjoy spending time in social online environments is simply not the point anymore and those who insist on treating social media like hula hoops or other short-lived fads may be very sad going into the future.

Yes, I am talking to my peers who continue to perpetuate the myths around the inability to use of social media and other technology by anyone older than a certain age.  If you look around, you will see people of all ages accomplishing impressive things, while living and working fully in today’s environments.

Read more about all this here:  The Job Skills Gap You Haven’t Considered | Fast Company | Business + Innovation.

I will continue to sip my coffee and enjoy the shrinking awareness gap in the Heartland ….