“Why you should really take a nap this afternoon . . . ” via The Week

Napping CowboyI always thought taking a nap was a luxury for the self-employed and the kiss of death for those who work for others … unless you are a quality assurance technician in a mattress factory, as the joke goes.

Apparently the joke is on me, because taking naps has definite and positive health and mortality effects.  The evidence continues to mount that we have been caught asleep at the wheel about sleeping.  

Review the article with related links below to learn more:  

Why you should really take a nap this afternoon, according to science – The Week.

Now the real questions of the day:

When will corporate America finally admit that sleeping on the job may not be all that bad an idea?

When will companies allow and eventually insist on naps to improve employee health and productivity?

Getting comfortable and lying down for a little snooze in the Heartland ….